Monday, October 22, 2007

Maps of Norway at Big V's 6/23/07

I recall Maps of Norway bassist Matt Helgeson once saying (or writing somewhere on the internet) that listening to Joy Division as a younger man opened his eyes to the power of repetition. The rest of Maps of Norway seem to have taken this lesson to heart as well, as their newer songs tend to be heavy on repeating, lock-step grooves, anchored by Helgeson and drummer Jeff Ball. Case in point: the first song in this set focuses intently on one riff, built from the ground up starting with Eric Hanson's perma-delayed guitar, for over four minutes minutes before Rebecca Leigh graces the microphone. It would suck if it weren't so awesome.

Few bands have grown on me as much as Maps over the past year or two, and this set features a bunch of new material not found on their debut album (out last year on Guilt Ridden Pop) so check it out, will you?


Track list:
1. Strict Ritual (8:43)
2. Cage the Lions (5:14)
3. Tyranny is Over (3:21)
4. Glass (3:10)
5. Marathon (3:13)
6. Champion Ghost (2:26)
7. Polo Grounds (4:27)

Total running time: 30:34


Boris Parsley said...

With you all the way, Joe. I've been loving every new song Maps have been doing.

Michael said...

post again please!! ;)